Work Permit service for foreigners in HCMC

Work Permit service for foreigners in HCMC

Are you searching for a prestigious Work Permit service for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City? This article will show you a detailed price quotation for the Work Permit service for foreigners.

Difficulties in applying for Work Permit for foreigners.

Regulations on issuing Work Permit for foreigners working in Vietnam often change. The document defined for each subject applying for Work Permit (teachers, managers, CEOs, etc.) is also different. Therefore, the applicant must be knowledgeable and regularly update the procedure for applying for a work permit.

The form of processing work permit applications online during the Covid-19 season makes it difficult to monitor the progress of work permits. If there is an error in the application, it takes a long time for the application to be returned by post.

It takes time to prepare each type of document by yourself when applying for a work permit: consular authentication, Criminal Record, notarized translation…

These difficulties will no longer be a big problem because Visa Oriental’s Work Permit service supports you with a lump-sum procedure. We provide a Work Permit service for foreigners with reasonable costs and fast processing time. Contact HOTLINE 094 189 6226 for advice and a quote for a work permit right away!

Advantages of using Work Permit service for foreigners/foreign workers

Saving time: Customers only need to provide documents once during the entire application process; Visa Oriental will support all the remaining work permit application steps.

Being advised to prepare documents as simple as possible, Visa Oriental will carry out the procedures for submitting work permits on behalf of customers at competent agencies.

One destination of many services: We support making a Temporary Residence Card for workẻ after successfully applying for a work permit.

Door-to-door delivery of documents: We deliver documents to the place in HCM and Dong Nai, ensuring the most convenient for customers.

No additional costs: When receiving the application, Visa Oriental will advise and commit to the processing time according to the visa deadline of the expert. Therefore, we will commit to apply for a work permit during the validity of the visa or request a visa extension before closing the contract. The visa extension after signing the contract without prior notice will be borne by Visa Oriental.

Support for Consular Authentication: In case the expert’s documents need consular legalization support, Visa Oriental will assist to consular legalize the expert’s degree or work experience. At the same time, processing and translating valid documents to apply for a work permit.

Work permit for foreigners in HCMC
Work permit for foreigners in HCMC

Price quotation of applying for Work Permit

The fee of applying for Work Permit depends on the documents provided by the client or needed support from Visa Oriental.

  • Normally, the service fee of a Work Permit in Ho Chi Minh City (for the case of an adequate document): 200 USD.
  • The service fee for Work Permit in Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai: 350 USD (in the industrial zone), 450 USD (outside the industrial zone).

The above fee does not include additional services such as:

  • Criminal record: 100 USD – 7 working days, just need a scanned passport.
  • Legalization of qualifications, and work experience (quotation depends on specific cases).
  • The service fee of the Work Permit when notifying the customer is the total cost that the customer must pay to the Visa Oriental. We commit not to incur any costs other than the cost announced before signing the contract.

Do not hesitate to contact HOTLINE 094 150 6226 for a specific quote of work permit service for foreigners.

Price quotation of applying for work permit
Price quotation of applying for work permit

Know more about services for foreigners in Vietnam

Work Permit service for foreigners in HCMC

Visa Oriental is a reputable work permit application service in Ho Chi Minh City. We have many years of experience in applying for and renewing work permits for individual and corporate customers in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Long An, Binh Duong, Dong Nai…

work permit service for foreigners:

  • Service of Work Permit for foreigners
  • Service of applying for a new work permit
  • Service of re-issuance of work permit
  • Service of extending work permit

Process of applying for Work Permit in Visa Oriental

What is the process of work permit service for foreigners in Visa Oriental?

Step 1. Consult about conditions and procedures Work Permit service for foreigners

Customers need to provide:

  • Company information (Certificate of Business Registration)
  • Document of expert obtained: degree, original or legalized work experience
  • Certificate of Health Examination

Visa Oriental will advise whether the application is valid or not and quote a work permit for foreigners. At the same time, it is responsible for preparing documents, notarizing, translating and legalizing documents for experts when customers agree to use the service.

Step 2. Documents are sent by the Customer

The consultant will guide you to prepare all the necessary documents right from the start. You only need to send the documents to the forwarder of the Visa Oriental only once for us to process and submit the documents to the state agency.

For further information: Detailed instructions on procedures of applying for work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam

Step 3. Receive result

After the committed period, we will deliver the result of work permit to your place.

Let Visa Oriental’s work permit service for foreigners accompany your business. Immediately contact HOTLINE 0941506226, our consulting team will wholeheartedly answer all questions and provide a detailed quote for work permit for foreigners.

We also have a Vietnamese website for Vietnamese. Take a look!

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