What is visa extension? Visa extension for foreigners in Viet Nam

What is visa extension? Visa extension for foreigners in Viet Nam

This article answers all questions about visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam. Let’s find out with Phuong Dong Visa!

What is visa extension?

Visa extension is the application for an extension of stay when foreigners’s visa duration are about to expire but they would like to continue to stay for a certain time (usually 1 to 3 months).

Vietnam visa types can be extended

Tourist Visa

Tourist visa is granted to foreigners coming to Vietnam for the purpose of tourism. From July 2020, Vietnam tourist visa has a maximum term of 3 months and each entry is under 30 days. Foreigners are then required to carry out procedures for tourist visa extension or exit.

Business Visa

Business visa is a type of visa issued by the competent authority of Vietnam for foreigners to work with Vietnamese enterprises. The business visa has a duration of no more than 12 months and can be renewed.

Particularly, US nationals can apply for a business visa with a visa term and a stay of up to 1 year.

Family visa

Family visa is for foreigners who are spouses, children under the age of 18 of foreigners who are granted ĐT, work visas… or foreigners who have relatives of Vietnamese nationality.

Work Visa/Work Temporary Residence Card

This is a visa granted to foreigners to work in Vietnam for no more than 2 years. Currently, the popular work visa is LĐ2 – granted to foreigners with a work permit.

For detailed information on how to extend a work visa, please refer to the article:  e in Vietnam.

Investor Visa/Investment Temporary Residence Card

This type of visa is granted to foreign investors or foreign lawyers working in Vietnam.

Visa extension
Visa extension

Frequently questions about extending Vietnam visas for foreigners

How long must foreigners apply for a Vietnam visa extension before the visa expires?

Normally, foreigners only need to apply for Vietnam visa extension and submit it to the immigration authority before the visa expires. However, in case your application has some problems or you forget the visa expiration date, you should submit it at least 3-5 working days before the visa’s expiration date.

Can an expired Vietnam visa be extended?

Foreigners staying in Vietnam will be administratively fined and have to pay the visa overstay penalty fee if their visa expires. Moreover, Vietnam’s Immigration Department can put you on their blacklist if you have overstayed for more than 15 days.

Therefore, you should quickly implement the extension of your Vietnam visa and pay an overdue visa penalty (in case you are) to avoid affecting your entry to Vietnam later.

Can an expired visa be allowed to leave the country?

Foreigners can return to their country of origin when their Vietnam visa expires. However, it is necessary to report to the Immigration Department or the Immigration Office. Do not arbitrarily leave the country to avoid being blacklisted, affecting the application for a visa to enter Vietnam later.

Apply for a Vietnam visa extension
Apply for a Vietnam visa extension

Is it possible to extend visa online in Vietnam?

víCurrently, Vietnam has not applied the form of an online visa extension. This form only applies when foreigners apply for an electronic visa to Vietnam or apply for Vietnam approval letter on arrival.

If you require any further information on visa extension services for foreigners in Vietnam, please contact our HOTLINE 094 367 6226!

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