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Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners
Tháng Bảy 16, 2022

Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

Vietnam visa extension service not only helps foreigners save time in preparing documents and applying applications but also ensures the highest success rate. Find out how to do Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners of Visa Oriental in this article!

Some of the difficulties in doing the Vietnam visa extension yourself

Visa extension rules for foreigners during the epidemic season are frequently changed. Therefore, it is necessary to have a knowledge of the law and update information to know cases that foreigners are exempted from temporary residence extension or can apply for a 1-month visa extension, a 3-month visa extension.

Documents to be produced for extension of visa for foreigners include many complicated documents that require notarized translation and consular legalization.

When applying for a Vietnam visa extension, it is required to fully prepare and explain it to State officials. You have to take time to adjust and it is easy to overdue your visa if the application is flawed.

To save maximum time and ensure a successful visa extension, you can use Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners in Vietnam.

The involved process of Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners at Visa Oriental

How many steps are there in Vietnam visa extension service at Visa Oriental?

Step 1. Contact to consult Vietnam visa extension service

You can contact directly to Visa Oriental via HOTLINE 094 150 6226 or text on Zalo/WhatsApp for instructions on preparing a full application for Vietnam visa extension.

Step 2. Submit application for visa extension

You submit the application for visa extension for foreigners to the office of Visa Oriental.

Our delivery staff will come to your place to get your documents if you are inner Ho Chi Minh City.

Visa Oriental will complete the remaining steps for you in the visa extension process for foreigners and apply to the Immigration Department.

Step 3. Get the result of visa extension for foreigners

We will notify you of the results of your visa extension and send your passport to your place or by courier after 5-7 working days.

the visa extension service

the Vietnam visa extension service

Why should you use the Vietnam visa extension service at Visa Oriental?

Flexible processing time for Vietnam visa extension

Exemption from overdue penalty if the tourist visa is overdue by 2 days or the business visa, LD/TT/E visa/temporary residence card is overdue less than 5 days. Urgent visa extension processing obtains results within the day.

It is possible to convert a visa without leaving the country

Many foreigners enter Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL visa) and then decide to stay in Vietnam to work for a long time. If they convert the visa purpose by themselves, they will definitely be rejected, but Visa Oriental completely supports this issue.

Overstay processing of visa over 6 months

Support overstaying of visas with the lowest penalty fee and being not aware that you are being blacklisted.

Support all nationalities

Provide Vietnam visa extension service for Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, American, Malaysian, Filipino, Indian, French, and Russian,… in Vietnam.

Customer-centric culture

Visa Oriental operates in a customer-centric culture. Your satisfaction is always our top priority.

When staying in Vietnam as foreigners, one of the things you should not forget is to extend your visas when they are about to expire. What documents should you prepare, how long will it take to get Vietnam visa extension? How is it different when you have your procedure done by yourself? Now we will read on to find out…

Vietnam visa extension service

Vietnam visa extension service

Types of Vietnam visas

Before learning about Vietnam visa extension procedures, let’s quickly go through a list of the most popular types of visas for foreigners in Vietnam.

Tourist visa (Visa DL)

Issued to foreigners entering Vietnam for tourism purposes. Under a new regulations from July 2020, Vietnam tourist visa is valid for a maximum of 3 months, each entry does not exceed 30 days. After that, the foreigners is required to extend visa or exit the country.

Business visa (Visa DN)

Issued by competent Vietnamese authorities to foreigners working with Vietnamese enterprises. Visa DN is valid for no more than 12 months and is renewable. US passport-holders can apply for a business visa with visa duration and stay of up to 1 year.

Visit visa (Visa TT)

This is a visa for foreigners who are spouses, children under 18 years old of foreigners who are granted visas ĐT, LĐ… or foreigners who have relatives with Vietnamese nationality.

Work visa/TRC (LĐ)

Issued to foreigners who work in Vietnam for a period not exceeding 2 years. Currently, the popular work visa is LĐ2 – issued to foreigners whose work permit.

Investor visa (ĐT)

A type of visa issued to foreign investors or lawyers working in Vietnam.

Procedures for renewing Vietnam visa for foreigners

The immigration department will require documents to extend visa for foreigners corresponding to their visa type.

Vietnam visa can be extended from 1 to 3 months each time for short-term visa and up to 2 years for temporary residence card or long-term visa. Specific documents for each type of visa will be listed below.

Please note: With experience in Vietnam visa extension, we recommend that you should extend visa at least 3-5 days before the expiry date. The reason is that if you have trouble preparing documents by yourselves, you still have time to handle.

Documents required to extend Vietnam tourist visa (Visa DL)

  • Original passport of the applicant with more than 1 month validity and at least 2 blank pages
  • Temporary residence registration certificate
  • Application for visa renewal, temporary residence renewal in Vietnam according to form NA5

Processing time for a tourist visa extension: 7-10 working days

Each visa DL extension period is 1 month, and the Vietnam Immigration Department will give a new stamp on your passport with your new stay duration specified.

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the following cases are exempted from Vietnam visa extension until the end of July 31, 2021:

  • Foreigners who entered Vietnam under visa exemption/e-visa/tourist visa from March 1, 2020 to present
  • Foreigners who entered before March 1, 2020 can show the proof that they are trapped due to the Covid-19 epidemic, accompanied by a diplomatic Note (with Vietnamese translation) from relevant diplomatic missions, or a written document from relevant Vietnamese authorities specifying that the person is required to be quarantined, needing treating for Covid-19 or other force majeure reasons…

All remaining cases who want to stay in Vietnam must renew their tourist visa once a month and at the place where they have their temporary residence declared.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Visa Now has supported customers from the United States, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia… to successfully renew their visa and stay in Vietnam to be safe. Moreover, many customers have asked Visa Now to keep their passports and automatically transfer extension fee every month.

If you are finding a reputable agency to help you with visa extension, Visa Now is a good choice! Please do not hesitate to contact us through HOTLINE 094 150 6226.

Documents required for extending visit visa in Vietnam (Visa TT)

Subjects Have husband/wife/parents who are foreigners working/investing in Vietnam Have Vietnamese husband/wife
Visa/TRC duration 3 months or maximum corresponding to the duration of visa/temporary residence card of husband/wife/parents Up to 3 years
Documents ●      Original passport of the applicant (valid at least 13 months)

●      Online temporary residence registration certificate or certified by the ward

●      Business license of guarantee company (notarized photo)

●      Notarized copy of work permit (for foreigners working in Vietnam)

●      Form NA6 (if visa extension for more than 1 year)

●      Form NA5 (if visa extension for less than 1 year)

●      Documents confirming the relationship (birth certificate/marriage registration/household registration) between the applicant and the relative living in Vietnam (translated and notarized)

●      Passport and original temporary residence card of husband/wife/parents who are foreigners working/investing in Vietnam

●      Notarized copy of marriage certificate (if issued in Vietnam) or consular legalization and notarized translation of the certificate (if issued abroad)

●      ID card, household registration (if the spouse is Vietnamese)

●      Form NA7 is processed at the ward police station where the Vietnamese spouse has permanent residence

Processing time for visit visa extension: 7-10 working days

Relative visa and temporary residence card are renewable for a duration of 1, 2 or 3 years. Particularly, Chinese passport holders (type E) are only granted a visa TT for up to 1 year.

temporary residence extension

temporary residence extension

Documents required to renew working visa/TRC in Vietnam (Visa LĐ)

Subjects Foreigners working in Vietnam Foreigners investing in Vietnam (the percentage of capital contribution is shown on the business license)
Visa/TRC duration Up to 2 years Up to 5 years, depending on the percentage of capital contribution
Documents ●      Original passport of the applicant (valid at least 13 months)

●      Temporary residence registration certificate

●      Business license of a guarantee company (notarized photo)

●      Form NA6 (if visa extension for more than 1 year)

●      Form NA5 (if visa extension for less than 1 year)

●      Notarized copy of work permit ●      VAT declaration for the last 3 months

Processing time for working visa extension: 7-10 working days

Foreigners can apply for working visa (duration of 3-12 months) or working TRC (valid up to 2 years according to the duration of the temporary residence card).

The working visa/TRC can be extended for 1-3 years, while visa ĐT can last for up to 5 years.

Particularly, Chinese passport holders (type E) are only granted a visa LĐ/ĐT for up to 1 year. When the LĐ visa expires, what they need to do is re-apply for a new visa LĐ under the valid work permit, same with visa ĐT.

A kind reminder that all working visa holders in Vietnam now please quickly have your work permit (WP) done, and then temporary residence card (TRC). The reason is that visa DN extension could be halted at any time due to unstable related policy due to the impact of Covid-19.

Address for visa extension for foreigners in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Ministry of Public Security in HCMC: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1
  • Ho Chi Minh city Immigration Office in HCMC: 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6​, District 3
  • Visa Now Office: 26 Street No.4, CityLand Park Hills Residences, Ward 10, Go Vap District, HCMC. A free delivery and pick-up service is expected when you choose any service from Visa Now.

Visa Now has successfully supported many customers who have overstayed their visas and removed their name from the Vietnam immigration blacklist. If you need assistance in this case, please contact HOTLINE 094 150 6226 now!

Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners in HCMC

Visa Now is a brand of Oriental Services Trading Corporation, providing various visa-related consultation services for foreigners who wish to work and stay in Vietnam: Visa on arrival, Work permit, Temporary resident card, 5 year visa exemption, Visa extension… We are proud of being TOP 5 of professional visa service companies in Ho Chi Minh City.

Flexible processing time

Exemption from 2-day overdue penalty: In case your DL visa is overdue for 2 days or visa DN/LD/TT/DT visa is overdue for 04 days maximum, you have chance to be exempt from the penalty when dealing with Visa Now.

Have your visa extension urgently done within 1 working day.

Visa change without exit

Many foreigners enter Vietnam with a tourist visa (visa DL) and then decide to stay here to work for the long-term. If they go to change the visa purpose by themselves, they will definitely be refused. However, Visa Now can completely support this problem.

Visa DL is renewed unlimitedly

Visa Now can support you with our unlimited visa extension service. Therefore, you can rest assured to stay in Vietnam while the Covid-19 epidemic is still lingering.

Handling overdue visa

Visa Now supports handling overdue visas with the minimum penalty fee and no risk of being blacklisted.

All nationalities are welcome

We are available to provide Vietnam visa extension services for foreigners from many countries: Korea, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Malaysia, Philippines, India, France, Russia…

process of Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

process of Vietnam visa extension service for foreigners

Customers are always our top priority

With slogan “We make your journeys easier”, Visa Now always attempts to improve services and bring customers convenience, comfort and the best experience.

Are you facing difficulties when extending Vietnam visa? Do not hesitate to contact HOTLINE 094 150 6226, the best rate and advice is awaiting you!

Normally, foreigners in Vietnam with tourist visa can only extend their stay for a maximum of 3 months. However, according to new regulations effective from July 1, 2020, foreigners in Vietnam with tourist visas can only be extended for 30 days each time.

In return, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnam Immigration Department currently does not limit the number of extensions and length of stay of foreigners stuck in Vietnam.

Following the law, foreigners only need to apply for a Vietnam visa extension and submit it to the Vietnam Immigration Department before the expiry date.

However, in case you are encountering issues with your application or you unluckily forget the visa expiration date, it is our advice that you should submit your visa renewal application at least 3 working days before your visa expires.

If you stay in Vietnam with an expired visa, you will be administratively fined. You may even be blacklisted by the Vietnam Immigration Department when your expiring due is more than 15 days.

Therefore, when you have your visa expired, please proceed to renew your Vietnam visa as soon as possible and accept to pay fines in order to avoid affecting your future entry into Vietnam.

These are information that Visa Oriental want to provide you about the topic Vietnam visa extension service. If you have any question about Vietnam visa extension service, please contact us via HOTLINE 094 150 6226

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