Vietnam visa extension fees for foreigners

Vietnam visa extension fees for foreigners

This article summarizes Vietnam visa extension fees for foreigners according to the visa extension price list of the Immigration Department. In addition, it also provides additional costs for applying for a Vietnam visa, fees for making a temporary residence card,…

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Visa extension fees for foreigners

New Vietnam visa fees and visa extension fees for foreigners are specified in Circular 25/2021 of the Ministry of Finance.

Note: The visa extension fee schedule listed below is the payment that applicants must pay State, excluding visa service fees of service companies.

No. Content Fees
1 Visa issued for a single entry USD 25
2 Visa issued for multiple entries
a The type of visa is valid for no more than 03 months USD 50
b The type of visa is valid for more than 3 months to 6 months USD 95
c The type of visa is valid for more than 6 months to 12 months USD 135
d The type of visa is valid for more than 12 months to 02 years USD 145
e The type of visa is valid for more than 02 years to 05 years USD 155
g Visa applicants under the age of 14 (regardless of the term) USD 25
3 ●    Convert the valid value of the visa, temporary residence card, and temporary residence term of the old passport to the new passport.

●    Convert the valid value of the visa, temporary residence term of the old separate visa (no more place to stamp: Entry verification, exit verification, temporary residence certificate, temporary residence extension) to the new separate visa.

4 Issuance of visa exemption certificate USD 10
5 Issuance of temporary residence card
a Issued for no more than 2 years USD 145
b Issued from over 02 years to 05 years USD 155
c Issued from over 05 years to 10 years USD 165
6 Extension of temporary residence USD 10
7 New issuance and re-issuance of permanent residence card USD 100
8 Issuance of permits to enter forbidden areas and border areas; licenses for Lao citizens to use Cross-Border Permit to enter the inland provinces of Vietnam. USD 10/person
9 Issuance of visas for passengers transiting by air and sea to visit and travel (as prescribed in Article 25 and Article 26 of the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam on June 16th, 2014). USD 5/person
10 Issuance of visas according to the list of personnel approvals of immigration agencies for foreigners visiting, traveling by sea or transiting by sea wishing to enter the inland to visit and travel under the program organized by international travel enterprises in Vietnam; members of foreign military ships following the official operation program of the visit outside the provinces or centrally-run cities where ships and boats are moored. USD 5/person
11 Issuance of entry and exit permits to foreigners permanently residing in Vietnam without a passport. VND 200,000/time
12 Issuance of permits to foreigners having entered the border gate economic zone with a cross-border permit to visit other places in the province. USD 10/person

Vietnam visa extension fees for foreigners

The cost of visa extension for foreigners is not fixed because it depends on the following factors.

Visa extension fees
Visa extension fees

Vietnam visa extension time

Immigration Department will stamp the stay on the passport with a period of 15 days/1 month/3 months/6 months depending on the originally available visa of the customer when extending the stay. For this item, the most important factor is the time of entry to Vietnam.

If applying for a new Vietnam visa, and temporary residence card: The Department will affix the visa on the passport with a period of 3 months/ 6 months/ 1 year and the single-entry or multiple-entry. Or grant a new temporary residence card – TRC with a period of more than 1 year/2 years/3 years/5 years.

Therefore, the price of visa extension will vary depending on whether the foreigner pays the 6-month visa extension fee or the 1-year visa extension fee.

Vietnam visa extension time
Vietnam visa extension time

Change the purpose of stay

This form can be understood simply as the conversion of the type of visa. For example, converting a tourist visa to a work visa/ work temporary residence card. Or converting a business visa guaranteed by company A to a DN visa guaranteed by company B.

This is also a factor that leads businesses not to be able to extend visas for foreign experts by themselves but must use Vietnam visa extension services.

Entry time

This factor also affects the cost of visa extension, especially for the original business visa. Normally, the original business visa renewal cost will be very high if it has a length of stay for more than one year.

Vietnam visa extension services
Vietnam visa extension services


The cost of Vietnam visa extension also depends on the nationality of the foreigner needing to extend the visa. For difficult and sensitive nationalities such as Africa, South Africa, Pakistan… the costs are often high and not fixed. Therefore, it is necessary to check the cost for each case.

For the correct visa extension fee quote, please provide an image showing the following information:

  • Passport, visa, the latest entry stamp, Vietnam approval letter on arrival (if entered within the past 1 year).
  • The guarantee company (for DN, LĐ, ĐT, TT visa extension according to foreign spouse).
  • Some other information. Depending on the 2 items above, Visa Oriental may need more specific information to quote.

If you require any further information on Vietnam visa extension fees for foreigners, please contact Visa Oriental via HOTLINE 094 150 6226!

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