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Online notarized translation service in HCMC

Notarized translation is a very important but difficult process for many people. So you need to find a unit that provides the notarized translation service fast, accurately, and reputably so that you can feel more secure when using the service. We believe that Visa Oriental will be a companion to help you complete this work quickly and accurately.

Notarized translation services at Visa Oriental

In the current integration situation, Ho Chi Minh City’s notarized translation services appear more and more. However, not all units are reputable, quality with suitable prices.

At Visa Oriental, we are committed to service quality and customer satisfaction always as a top priority.

Some types of documents that Visa Oriental translation service provides:

  1. Notarized translation of household registration book.
  2. Notarized translation of driver’s license.
  3. Notarized translation of bachelor’s degree.
  4. Notarized translation of identity card.
  5. Notarized translation of visa application documents.
  6. Notarized translation of overseas study documents.
  7. Notarized translation of a transcript.
  8. Notarized translation for overseas study.
  9. Notarized translation of marriage certificate.
  10. Notarized translation of a judicial record.
  11. Notarized translation of the birth certificate.
  12. Notarized translation of diploma.
  13. Notarized translation of household registration book.
  14. Notarized translation of passport.
  15. Notarized translation of consular legalization.
  16. Notarized translation of labor contract.

Some translation languages ​​at Visa Oriental:

  1. Notarized English translation.
  2. Notarized German translation.
  3. Notarized Korean translation.
  4. Notarized Laos translation.
  5. Notarized Russian translation.
  6. Notarized Japanese translation.
  7. Notarized French translation.
  8. Notarized Spanish translation.
  9. Notarized Thai translation.
  10. Notarized Chinese translation.
Notarized translation service in Go Vap District
Notarized translation service in Go Vap District

Notarized translation process

At Visa Oriental, the translation service process includes the following steps:

Step 1. Receive documents from customers

You can send notarized translation documents online or in other forms. In case you cannot send it online, the delivery staff will come to your home to get the translation documents.

Step 2. Conduct a translation

Our specialists will translate documents from the source language into the target language requested by you. Visa Phuong Dong will deliver results on time with the highest quality to you. Your translation will be kept confidential, especially important documents with confidentiality contracts.

Step 3. Send the translated document to the Justice Department for verification

Send it to the Justice Department under the People’s Committee to notarize the accuracy of the source document. In addition, we also provide consular legalization services for you in need

Step 4. Deliver documents to customers

Visa Oriental supports sending documents to your home in Ho Chi Minh City.

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Notarized translation price list

Visa Oriental always transparently discloses the price of translation services so as not to waste your time.

Notarized translation service Unit price/page Note
Translate English to Vietnamese 60,000 VND The translation page is calculated using a maximum of 300 words/page. The translation price does not include VAT. The editing price is equal to 50% of the translation quotation.
Translate Chinese to Vietnamese 80,000 VND
Translate Japanese to Vietnamese 110,000 VND
Translate Korean to Vietnamese 110,000 VND
Translate other languages to Vietnamese Quotation after receiving documents
Translate Vietnamese to English 60,000 VND
Translate Vietnamese to Chinese 90,000 VND
Translate Vietnamese to Japanese 110,000 VND
Translate Vietnamese to Korean 110,000 VND
Translate Vietnamese to other languages Quotation after receiving documents

The above price list applies to all types of documents, in addition, Visa Oriental also provides notarization services immediately for you in need.

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Price for fast notarized translation

This fast notarized translation service applies to English – Vietnamese and Chinese – Vietnamese. The price of fast notarized translation is charged an additional 30% fee compared to the price listed above.

Fast notarized translation service in HCMC
Fast notarized translation service in HCMC

Why should you choose the notarized translation service of Visa Oriental?

  • Professional staff

Visa Oriental’s staff are dedicated with many years of experience in the field of notarized translation, which will bring you the best service experience.

  • Detailed and fast translation

The notarized translation must be accurate from the data, and the sentences and the usage of words must be really appropriate. Besides, the speed of translation is also a matter of great concern to you. Visa Oriental is committed to delivering the results on time with the highest quality, ensuring the authentication requirements of the Justice Department.

  • The price of notarized translation services is open, transparent, and reasonable

We always publicize the price of notarized translation services for you, without wasting your valuable time.

  • Commitment to your document security

Your translation documents are committed to being kept confidential at Visa Oriental. Especially, confidentiality contracts shall be made for important documents.

  • Always put customer satisfaction first

Visa Oriental always listens to your opinions to make the most prestigious and accurate translations to meet your wishes and bring absolute satisfaction to you.

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If you desire to learn about Ho Chi Minh City’s notarized translation services, please contact Visa Oriental immediately via HOTLINE 1900 63 63 50 for advice and support!

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