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How much does a notarized translation price? Where is the most affordable translation service in Ho Chi Minh City? These must be the questions many customers wonder when looking for a reputable translation company. In this article, Visa Oriental will accompany you to find the answers to those questions.

How much is a notarized translation price?

Notarized translation will probably become your obsession if you have spent a lot of time and effort waiting when you have to go directly to the Department of Justice to be able to use this service. For that reason, more and more private notarized translation companies appear to help you solve that problem.

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This is a job that requires a lot of steps and takes a lot of time, from finding someone with enough skills and experience in translation to applying for a seal from the Department of Justice. Therefore, the cost of notarized translation is often quite expensive.

Notarized translation for ordinary documents ranges from 50,000 VND – 300,000 VND for a translation page, plus the cost of notarization services according to the prices listed at the Department of Justice.

The most important thing is how to find a notarized translation company that provides quality services with affordable notarized translation fees in Ho Chi Minh City. Visa Phuong Dong is the most satisfactory answer for you who are having difficulty with this notarized translation.

Factors affecting notarized translation price

Notarized translation fees are based on many factors. These are the 3 main factors that affect the price of notarized translation:

  • Languages: The price list of notarized translations in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other popular languages ​​will cost less for notarized translations than less popular languages ​​such as German, Russian, French, Laos,…
  • Type of documents: For complicated documents, requiring specialized skills, the price will be higher than ordinary documents.
  • Time: If you need translation right away, the price will be higher than usual. You need to contact translation companies to see if they offer instant translation services. At Visa Oriental, the price of a notarized translation is immediately charged an additional 30% of the fee compared to the price list listed below.
Notarized translation price in HCMC
Notarized translation price in HCMC

Notarized translation price at Visa Oriental

Is one of the translation units that many customers trust and appreciate. We always want to give our customers a high-quality translation service at an affordable price. So how much does a notarized translation cost at Visa Oriental?

Price list for notarized translation by page:

Translate English to Vietnamese                  60,000 VND

Translate Chinese to Vietnamese                 80,000 VND

Translate Japanese to Vietnamese              110,000 VND

Translate Korean to Vietnamese                  110,000 VND

Translate other languages to Vietnamese    Quote after receiving documents

Translate Vietnamese to English                   60,000 VND

Translate Vietnamese to Chinese                  90,000 VND

Translate Vietnamese to Japanese               110,000 VND

Translate Vietnamese to Korean                   110,000 VND

Translate Vietnamese to other languages ​​    Quote after receiving documents


  • Translated page is calculated with a maximum of 300 words/page.
  • This notarized translation quote does not include VAT.
  • Fast notarized translation is charged an additional 30% fee compared to the listed price list.
  • The editing price is equal to 50% of the translation quotations.
How much does a notarized translation cost?
How much does a notarized translation cost?

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